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Are You a Crap Magnet?

Here's a quote that may very well change the way you think -- and increase the amount of money you make publishing books!

I found it in T. Harv Eker's Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I've heard about him and this book for years, but only recently got my hands on a copy. The first time I flipped through it, the book randomly opened to page 58, where one of his "wealth priciples" jumped out at me in bold type:

"When you complain, you become a living, breathing crap magnet."

What an awesome quote. Wayne Dyer expressed the same idea years ago when he said "What you focus on expands in your life." But I have to admit, Eker's version packs a more potent slap to the face.

Whenever I bring up this "law of attraction" stuff, I know there will always be a group of people who write it off as "positive thinking nonsense." If you feel that way, then this message is not for you.

But if you have an open mind, think about this: Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world. As Eker points out, your mental perspective is like the roots of a tree -- a crucial but unseen part of who you are. The tree is the visible result of the root system. Sick roots lead to an unhealthy tree.

Your brain works the same way. Crap in, crap out.

Enough preaching. You get the idea.


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