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How to Create a Major Book Buzz Online

I'll admit it. I've been accused of being biased. Some people feel I focus too much on Internet book promotion and disregard traditional retail sales, reviews, etc.

Maybe they're right. But the only thing I can do is share what I know has worked for me (and hundreds of other authors). And that's making smart use of the Internet to create a buzz about my books -- and generate healthy sales!

I make a nice living as a self-empowered, independent author largely because of the ways I've learned to use the Internet to reach my ideal readers. And I advocate you consider doing the same thing.

I recently revealed my most potent Internet book marketing strategies for the first time during a live 48-minute presentation. I compiled the materials from this talk and just released it as a package called "How to Create a Major Book Buzz Online."

It includes the complete MP3 audio of the live workshop, along with the 70 PowerPoint slides I used, and a two-page handout. If you're interested, take a closer look on this page.

To your success!


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