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How to Sell Books Against All Odds

When I first started reading Valerie Connelly's American Chronicle article, called "How to Sell Your Books When the Numbers and Odds Are Against You," I thought it was going to be another doom-filled, uninspiring view of book publishing.

Then I got to a section describing "true" self-publishers, and the clouds parted and the sun shined brightly on the book kingdom:

What drives [independently published authors] is wholly different from what drives publishers handling numerous titles. I am talking about REAL self-publishers, meaning those who have taken on the whole ball of wax from writing the book to buying the ISBNs, setting up the business, doing the layout, cover design, printer selection, website, and marketing plan. These people are driven by passion, and nothing is going to stop them from selling their books.

They are creative marketers, plugged in and turned on, never-say-die entrepreneurs. They get out of their homes and talk, talk, talk about their books. They pester the local bookstores into allowing them to do booksignings. They get into the authors groups and libraries and talk about their passion -- their book. Nothing, short of a stay in the hospital, keeps them from working every angle.

Kudos to Valerie Connelly for uncovering the true path to author success. It takes passion and a willingness to become an evangelist for your genre or topic. When you have that, it doesn't matter that there are 279,999 other new books competing for attention every year.


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