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I attended the giant Book Expo America trade show two out of its three days ... and I didn't make time to sit in on any of the educational panels they put on. I figured I just simply missed out on them.

But not so! BEA is posting many of the panels online as free MP3 files. You can listen to streaming versions, download MP3s of only the sessions you want, or subscribe to the series as a podcast. Very cool!

Check it out at

As I was writing this blog post, I wondered how many other book publishing-related podcasts were out there. I realized I hadn't listened to many. A quick search turned up a number of them.

Here are six more book and author-themed podcasts:

Powerful Book Promotion Made Easy

Lulu Radio

The Publishing Coach

The Writing Show

The Truth Behind POD Publishing

iUniverse podcast

Adventures in Scifi Publishing

That should keep your ears filled with new book ideas for days on end.


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