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Example of a Great Book Business?

Last week I was poking around some of the book-related blogs I subscribe to when I was stopped cold in my tracks. I was on Jeff Smith's InfoProduct Marketing Insiders blog reading a post titled "Want An Example Of A Great eBook Business?" when I suddenly realized ...

He was writing about me and the MySpace Music Marketing book I published last year!

Funny thing is, I've never corresponded with Jeff. But last year I discovered his site and found a ton of useful information in his database of free info-product marketing articles. Who knows, maybe some of his ideas rubbed off on me when I created the MySpace music book sales page, and he spotted some of his ideas in action.

Actually, my copywriting and web page design skills have evolved over the years based on reading lots of books and blogs on the topic and simply writing and designing countless web pages to promote my titles.

The way you describe and present your book online, and the offers you make prospective customers, can truly influence the number of people who click the "Buy" button.

For more guidance on this topic, check out Jeff Smith's articles, as well as advice from Joe Vitale, Brian Clark and David Garfinkel.

Persuading people to buy your book and inviting them into your world is a necessary part of the book marketing process. Don't be afraid of it.


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