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Hard Lessons of Traditional Publishing

I've written about using your independently published book to Attract a Traditional Publisher. And it's true: Doing it yourself at first is an ideal way to get there.

Why go through rejection and delays, when you can get an early version of your book into the marketplace now and start building a fan base? Once you have a track record and a success story to tell, you'll have more value to bring to an agent or publisher.

But there's another side to this story: Self-publishers who were lured by the clout of a traditional publishing deal ... and ended up regretting it.

Angela Hoy shares her tainted experiences with a major New York publisher on her WritersWeekly site. She doesn't specify the title, but it's pretty obvious she's referring to How to Publish and Promote Online, the book she co-authored with M. J. Rose. She relates the frustrations she encountered with delays, mistakes and missed opportunities -- all the result of not being in control of her own work.

Read her entire story here. It's an eye-opening account.


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