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Traditional vs Self-Publishing Smackdown

A couple of months ago, author Lee Silber and I were interviewed together and asked to reveal our views on the pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. Lee represented the traditional angle while I discussed ... well, I think you know where this is going.

The program we appeared on was Growing Your Business, an online radio show hosted by Fred Hueston and Lyna Farkas. You can listen to the show on this page, or download the MP3 directly using this link.

Lee is the author of Self-Promotion for the Creative Person, Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain and other books published by Three Rivers Press and St. Martin's Griffin.

This is a good program to listen to if you're trying to decide which route to take with your own forthcoming book. There are many differences between the paths ... and a surprising number of similarities. Download it and hear for yourself.


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  • Hello, As a feature writer for Home Business Magazine, it was my pleasure to interview Lee Silber for the April, 2007 issue:

    He provided some great tips how can right-brain thinkers use goals and planning to achieve business success.
    P. Taylor Huff

    By Blogger P. Taylor Huff, At Friday, April 04, 2008  

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