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Your Book Marketing Plan

Here are some great nuggets of wisdom from this page on the Mapletree Publishing web site:

Begin your marketing plan even before you sit down to write. The first thing to do is identify your audience. Whether fiction or nonfiction, if you have a specific niche of the market in mind before you start, you'll be more successful.

Plan how you will reach and interest this audience. What format and features will make your book appeal to this niche?

Too many writers get their books back from the printer and then start to think of how they're going to sell it. They've put the cart before the horse. If you have no idea how you'll sell your book, maybe you shouldn't have written it!

To eliminate that sense of despair that can grip you as you set out to market your book, identify your target before you start and then build in a setting, a style, and other features that will appeal to this audience.

I'll add to that ...

Start building the buzz about your book as you write it. Publish a blog that chronicles your book-creation journey. Let people know what chapter and topic you're working on. Solicit suggestions and ask your readers what they'd like to see in the finished book. This not only stimulates advance promotion, it will also help you write a better book!


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