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My pal Scott Ginsberg is on a serious roll as a professional speaker and author. He's accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime -- and he isn't even out of his 20s yet. Yes, I know. It's sickening :-)

Lucky for us, Scott has been cranking out a lot of books -- some of them available for free from his web site. One of his latest is called 203 Things I've Learned about Writing, Marketing & Selling Books.

You can download the ebook from this page or grab the PDF directly using this link.

Here are some of my favorite word bites from Scott's ebook:
  • Your interviews on TV and radio will be a lot better if you speak quickly, succinctly and use sound bites.

  • An amazing title can sell a crappy book.

  • Unless you get a SWEET offer from a big publisher who is giving you lots of money and nationwide distribution, self-publish.

  • I would recommend at least one free downloadable ebook a year and post it on your website/blog. It gives value, increases traffic and often results in future sales via click-throughs.

  • Shorter chapters = better. Ever read The Da Vinci Code? Exactly. So did almost a billion other people. Why? Short chapters.

  • Write on day one, edit on day two.

  • Don’t kill yourself trying to sell your books in bookstores. Without a large distributor, it's tough for self-published authors to even get their books in stores! Trust me, you won't sell too many anyway. Because bookstores are lousy places to sell books. Any self-published author will tell you that.

  • The author of the book 1001 Ways to Be Romantic handed out free copies of his book to everyone waiting in line for the Jay Leno show. Leno then showed the book on air to 10 million people. Are you doing stuff like that with YOUR book?
Great stuff! Thanks for sharing, Scott.


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