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Making Money Online: 3 Steps for Authors

There's a LOT of wisdom in this short excerpt from Darren Rowse's latest post about his new blogging venture:

... monetization is not my main focus at this point. My initial focus is more around:

1. developing quality content
2. building an audience
3. building community

In my experience, monetization comes more easily once you've got those other three elements in place.

Darren may be talking about blogs, but these three key steps apply to authors and their books as well:
  • Freely share bite-sized chunks of what you write about (and make sure it's meaningful for the intended reader)
  • Allow those free samples to get passed around, attract attention, and build an audience
  • Let that growing audience interact with you and each other -- thereby building a community around your topic
Are you doing this with your book or blog?

I welcome your thoughts in the Comments section below.


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