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The Kama Sutra of Book Marketing

When was the last time you thought about book promotion and making love at the same time? Been a while? Well, by the time you finish reading this post, you may do it more often. (Thinking about the combination, that is. How often you "do it" is up to you :-)

This whole idea started when I ran across an article by Desiree Gullan called "The Kama Sutra of Marketing." It reminded me of an analogy I've used often: Marketing is a lot like dating.

But most self-promoting authors don't think of it that way. And because of that, they struggle to get noticed, connect with readers, and generate increased sales.

So, here are some lessons from the Kama Sutra you can apply to your book marketing, inspired by Gullan's short article:

1) Don't settle for anyone - search for your soul mate.

You've heard the jokes. "He's not Mr. Right, but he's Mr. Right Now." When dating, especially if people feel desparate, they settle. Instead of finding the right match, they pursue relationships that have little long-term potential. "Well, it's better than being alone," they say.

Do you do the same with your book marketing? Are you out to catch the interest of anyone who will listen? Or are you more discerning? The best way is to decide who your ideal customer match is. Who is your book-related soul mate? Then focus only on attracting those types of people.

2) Get to know them first

What do you do on a first date with someone you really think has potential? Talk endlessly about yourself and how great you are? Or do you listen a lot and have a two-way dialogue?

It's the same with book promotion. It's not all about you and your needs. Get to know your audience and what their interests and concerns are. Share some of yourself and your story as you get to know them better.

3) Don't forget foreplay

Okay. You're excited. You met someone new who really likes you. You anticipate the potential pleasure so much, you can taste it. Time to move in for the kill, right?

Wait! Hold your horses, Casanova Carl (or Valerie Vixen). Ease into the blessed event. Warm each other up first.

From a marketing standpoint, that means don't be so quick to ask for the sale. Wine and dine your readers (figuratively) before you flash your "Buy Now" button. Tease them a little with samples and introductions to your work. Leave them wanting more!

4) Be a great lover

When the time comes to consumate the relationship, make sure you deliver the best goods you can. Make it a joyful and stimulating experience. One they'll remember (and maybe even tell many others about) for years to come.

That means you must create a quality product (be it a book, download or audio program) filled with useful information, inspiring ideas or entertaining stories. Make it the best book on your topic. Thrill your partner so much, they'll want to recreate the experience again and again.

5) Call them the next day and ask for another date.

Finally, don't leave them hanging after your first meaningful encounter. Get back in touch soon to thank them and let them know how much you enjoyed the experience.

With books, this is when you follow up after the sale. Why? Because, if it was good for both of you, you want the relationship to continue. You want to interact more and enjoy more positive experiences (and book sales) together.

See, there is a connection between the Kama Sutra and book marketing.

So, from now on, when you're engaged in book marketing activities, I encourage you to think about dating and making love.

But vice versa ... you might think twice about that one :-)


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