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How to Price Your Self-Published Book

If you have about three minutes to spare, I'd like to answer this common question ...

How do I price my book?

It's a question that comes up a lot -- especially from self-published authors.

In this new video I try to give you my best answer:

At the very beginning of this video you'll see a new 10-second intro bumper I created using Screenflow on a Mac. Let me know what you think of it. It features a song I wrote and sang :)

This video clip was taken from a recent live book marketing webcast I did. Since it clocked in at about 75 minutes, there's a good chance you missed this short segment.

So, what do you think of my book pricing advice? As always, I welcome your comments below!


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  • 30Jan2014 1746hrs.
    Bob, I really enjoyed the short music bumper. It was clear and understandable. It had a nice beat, it should be twice as long. Great job.
    Goo Fong

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At Thursday, January 30, 2014  

  • I agree that you want to price your book fairly in order to make it appear it has more quality. On the other side, if an author is relatively new and has a small following, I would tell them to focus all of their marketing into a certain week and aim for one of the top 20 paid spots in their category. Once there, they can raise the price of the book and see how it influences sales.

    The hardest part about the process is getting the word out to readers if you are a new author, so the cheaper it is in the beginning, the better it will sell. Again, I mainly recommend this to newer authors who don't have much of a platform yet and need to gain visibility.

    By Blogger Carson Craig, At Thursday, January 30, 2014  

  • You mention the author's cut on Amazon is 45%. My hubby's royalty per paperback copy is currently less than 25%. Why the difference, do you suppose? Does the royalty percentage vary based on retail price or other factors?

    By Anonymous Crystal, At Friday, January 31, 2014  

  • Very interesting advice Bob, I see where your coming from. I will take your advice and use it, and I like the song and music too.

    By Anonymous Alan Casey, At Saturday, February 01, 2014  

  • Hello Bob;
    I like it as it grabs your attention and the banner ends up with your portrait. Very Good.
    I asked you a question about an easy to build website. Could you send me a tip? Trygve

    By Blogger Flourish and Prosper, At Monday, February 03, 2014  

  • I have been debating about the cost of my first book which I will be releasing very soon. And I have decided to just about double my original price of $10 or $12 to $20.

    Even though the book is short and only features 12 songs, I have put quite a decent amount of blood, sweat, and tears into it and I believe in it and it has proven itself effective many times over in my trial runs. Therefore it is valuable.

    I also definitely want some wiggle room to give the occasional discount. For my students whom I already told my original price to, I will give them a period of time to purchase it at the discounted rate off the bat.

    By Anonymous John Henry Sheridan, At Thursday, March 06, 2014  

  • And yes, the intro/outro bit is cool. Sometimes I feel things like that are wasteful of my time (if every video has the same one). During the intro I wasn't sure if it was necessary or if it matched the video, but when the song came back at the end, I had become accustomed to it and I liked it more. I also felt that it matched your general message.

    By Anonymous John Henry Sheridan, At Thursday, March 06, 2014  

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